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Like the uber-dork mac fanboy I am, I was one of the many wannabe trendy hipsters who thought a phone could both make me more popular and more attractive to women. Thus, I was one of the fools that happily sat in line for hours to purchase the new iPhone 3G last Friday when it was released. This machine has not only changed a lot of how I do my daily computing, but also made me rethink a lot when it comes to mobile computing and browsing. Simply put, I love the iPhone 3G and feel I can adequately justify the gargantuan chunk of funds it requires each month to continue making me smile.


First off, I don’t believe I’ve become more popular and/or more attractive to women yet. Oh, the false hope of consumerism. But how about a problem I can actually attempt to fix? I was quite saddened when I browsed to my website to add a home icon of this site’s logo (which I love dearly and will never be able to thank my designer, Oak, enough for), and instead I was given a screen shot of my site to look at as a link.

FAIL. I set up my apple-touch-icon.png last year when the original iPhone came out, and I was delighted that one or two of the maybe fifteen people who read this site could have my little icon on their iPhone. But now I couldn’t? I had watched a friend of mine add it to his iPod Touch a few weeks ago. What was my iPhone’s problem?


Today I found the solution:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="http://90percentgravity.com/apple-touch-icon.png" />

If you ran into the same problem as me, simply add the above link into the head section of your website, replacing 90percentgravity.com with your site name, and make sure you have your icon set up in the proper location. It seems the old default assumption of the icon name has been lost, so now you should set the link tag in your website yourself. Alternatively, you can name the png whatever you want and change that name in the href too, but I am a fan of conventions, so I suggest this as the way to go.<

Hope this stops other people from scratching their heads as well.

And then they will like me…
And then I will become more popular…
Oh, iPhone 3G, you are a sneaky devil.

- posted by William H. Harle Jr. on July 15, 2008

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